Our brand

The Colonial Life brand is supported by visual and written elements that communicate our company's identity and purpose. The following guidelines demonstrate the approved use of all the components of our brand, including colors, typography, logos, icons, voice and tone and writing style.

Latest Updates

As we evolve as an organization, so will our visual identity. Please refer back to this site, as we will be updating this site regularly.

Note: When you're creating content for Colonial Life, please work within these parameters, to ensure our brand is presented consistently to the world. If you should need assets, please email us at brandux@unum.com.

  • Accessibility

    At Colonial Life we strive to ensure that people with disabilities have access to all our services and content, including those delivered using digital formats, such as websites, landing pages and emails. We follow WCAG 2.0 guidelines to pass a AA color-contrast rating. Color contrast is measured as a ratio of brightness to darkness (i.e., the brightness of a color in contrast to the darkness of the color on top of which it appears).

    If you're not sure whether your background and foreground colors have adequate contrast, you can compare them using a color accessibility checker.

    To make sure you are in compliance with accessibility and with all our standards, please refer to our guidelines.